Imagine Bernie Sanders as a Woman:

and Other Writings on Politics and Media 2016-2019

Published 2020, Outskirts Press, Inc.

Want more political Bordo? This follow-up and companion collection to The Destruction of Hillary Clinton travels the years from 2016-2019 through pieces and posts on the people, events, and issues that marked that momentous period, from Trump’s inauguration to the beginnings of the 2020 Democratic primary contest.

A dynamic and readable book composed of straightforward book chapters, interviews, and original Facebook Posts by Bordo, this collection—a follow-up to The Destruction of Hillary Clinton—offers an astute analysis and criticism of unacknowledged gender (as well as race) dynamics at play in politics and the media… Bordo also demonstrates how broadcast news’ emphasis on optics rather than facts during the 2016 presidential election and currently, contributes to the spread of misinformation, distraction, and ultimately helped lead to the electing of Donald Trump as the U.S.’s 45th president. Philosophical. Assertive. A book for the record.
Dr. Cheryl R. Hopson, Associate Professor of English and African American Studies, Western Kentucky University